Question: Do You Regret Doing MBBS?

Is MBBS worth doing?

MBBS is well worth it if that is what you want.

It is one of the toughest courses out there.

It does not end with MBBS these days, one needs to add on with an MD/MS, then a DM/MCH a few fellowships and waht not.

The learning period is around a decade for MBBS and MD, 12 -13 years if you want to add a MCH to it..

Should I pursue MBBS?

The basic medical degree(MBBS) is just the initial stage in gaining knowledge and competence for a future in medicine where you strive for the common good. … Apart from pursuing a career as a doctor, one can also look for a career in medical research or can become a medical scientist.

Is it worth being a doctor?

While some may think they would have been better off pursuing another profession, scores of doctors are incredibly happy they chose a career in medicine. “Taking into account all the pros and cons, becoming a doctor was ultimately worth it to me,” Dr. Odugbesan reflects. “I would go to medical school all over again.”

Do you regret choosing MBBS?

39.33% of the subjects was having regret feeling for choosing medical profession. Conclusions: Self-interest was the major reason for opting MBBS. Parent’s pressure was also observed as one of the reasons for opting MBBS. Almost one third of the students were having the feeling of regret for opting medical profession.

Do you regret taking MBBS Quora?

I regretted joining mbbs everyday in my first year, I don’t want to recall that phase in my life once again, first year was a real trouble, I didn’t knew what I was doing with my life, I was just lost and immature that’s all I can say about it, study wasn’t a priority at all, I was really depressed, because of lack of …

What should I do if I dont get MBBS?

To become a qualified doctor without doing MBBS, one can get into any of the AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) courses, which are now regularised by the government and offered as full-fledged professional courses.

Is MBBS stressful?

Moderate and severe stress was found in 65 students from first and second-year of the four-year MBBS course. “The high prevalence of mild and moderate stress emphasises the need for implementing intervention for the students,” said Dr Violet Pinto, associate professor and main author of the study.

Can you be a doctor if you’re bad at science?

If being bad at scientific and mathematical subjects shows up in your grades, the medical school may make the decision for you. Interestingly, medical schools do not require much math or science for getting in. But it important to do well in the science classes that you do take.

Is the life of a doctor stressful?

An American study of over 2,000 physicians demonstrated that 87% of doctors are stressed beyond levels that are productive, a recent study in New Zealand showed that over 50% of doctors are right now experiencing symptoms of burnout and over half would not choose medicine as a career again.

Do you regret being a doctor?

A recent cohort JAMA study on physician burnout and regret found that 45.2 percent of second-year residents reported burnout, while 14 percent had career choice regret, (defined as whether, if able to revisit career choice, the resident would choose to become a physician again).